Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Conservative Plot Against Americans

I have a theory. It seems pretty obvious when you look at it. I could just be thinking the worst of them, but take a look at my theory and then tell me that it doesn't start some clicking in your own clockworks.

Look at what they're doing so far: Virtually destroying health care; keeping the oil companies rich while prices rise for us and the cost of food goes up, thereby causing those of us that don't make a lot of money to forgo healthier choices. Can't stay healthy if you can't eat right. Destroying our public education; taking away pertinent health care for women-because sometimes abortions are performed; taking away our EPA protections on manufacturers; destroying unions, thereby taking away collective bargaining for decent working conditions and equal pay. It all started long ago when these ridiculous tax breaks were given to manufacturers that increased their bottom line if they moved out of the country. The economy is in trouble and Americans are not being asked to sacrifice anything, like they did during World War II. God knows, they'd never let anyone that can afford to make a few sacrifices make any. Meanwhile, the middle class families and lower are making every sacrifice they possibly can in order to keep their families afloat.

I've given up cable. That's one small thing I've done for myself. Meanwhile, if you're in prison for anything you get free cable, free gym membership, and access to a free education if you're really good. Can't walk out the doors for anything though, but REALLY? Do we need to be paying their cable bill? (This really has nothing to do with my theory, but it is something that irks me.)

So, my theory: The conservatives want to dumb us down. Make people that make poor choices have children and be lousy parents, take away decent education from people that can't afford to get a private one, and keep us sick, desperate, and hungry. We'll get to a point where we'll take any job. Which is when they'll swoop in as the heroes and bring manufacturing back to US - after they've made sure they have no EPA rules to follow and no unions to kowtow to. So we'll have terrible working conditions, cancer from the water we're drinking from all the runoff going into our watersheds, asthma and COPD from the pollution being spewed into the air and the rich will sit in their ivory towers away from us getting richer while we keep producing their affordable workforce. It's pretty bleak.

Anyway, that's what I see coming. I don't know...maybe I'm paranoid, but just take a good look at the things they are doing and the things that they want to do. I think a little paranoia is called for.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stay tuned....

I'm coming back. Promise!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm thinking.....

I'm thinking, that maybe now that I have a new computer that actually works at the speed that my internet service is set up for, that maybe I'll pick up my blogging. God knows that I have to get back into writing! There's just too much going on in the world to not make my characteristic comments on.

For instance: 8.8 earthquake in Chile that was preceded by 6.6 earthquake in Japan. They say they're not related, but REALLY? You can't tell me that one didn't have anything to do with the other. When plates start moving around, they have to affect others. They were both within the "ring of fire". I expect a pretty serious volcano somewhere pretty soon. We'll see. Of course, there was one not long ago that was spitting a little in Chile.

Politics--OMG, don't get me started. I love how everyone is talking about what a terrible job Obama is doing. They seem to "forget" that the things we're dealing with now were set into motion way before he was elected. Part of me wanted him to wait to run because I knew that in dealing with what he's had to deal with, it would probably equal out to one term. No one could be seen as doing a good job with the mess that was left. I just thank God and whatever other deity might have been responsible that Sarah Palin doesn't have anything to do with it. WHEW!!!

Home gardening: I'm having a problem with my lemon tree. I have those stupid little gnatty things or white flies. I can find nothing to get rid of them. I've been spraying the crap out of this tree with soapy water and it doesn't seem to be suffocating those little suckers at all. I can't use a pesticide, as I will be eating any lemons that grow. I did have quite a bit of tiny little lemons on it, but they have all fallen off. And there's a suspicious smell of something that could be cat urine...I keep trying to tell myself that it's just wet cardboard since that's what I have the pot sitting on--a broken down cardboard box. I haven't SEEN evidence of urine. Once Cloudy finds a plant she can pee on, though...she does prefer it to a litter box. I'm wondering when it will be safe to move it back outside.

Cloud Dancer: I watched her tonight playing with part of a pistachio shell. I think about all the clients that call our clinic and say that their cat is 14 and "you know, it's just so old, maybe it's time....". Either they haven't been taking the care that they could have been of their cats, or Cloudy just doesn't know that she's supposed to be old. She's 15 this month. She still gets a playful spurt every day, she hasn't lost any weight, and her fur is still thick, luxurious, and impeccably groomed. She does have an annoying habit of standing by my bed when I have decided to go to sleep and meowing about 10 times before getting on the bed, and doing the same thing in the morning when she has decided that I need to be up to let her out or give her treats or whatever.

I guess that's enough for now. Check with you later!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Uh-oh---she's back

Gingrich at Republican Fundraiser Says Obama's 'Already Failed'

Leave it to a Republican to get me blogging again. They're stupidity and their belief that the rest of us are just like they are vexes me to no end.

News flash: President Obama has only been in office not even a full six-months now. The mess that was left for him to clean up has the specs of a toxic dump the size of the Pacific Ocean. Sure...let's blame all our financial problems on him. Give me a f@#$%ing break! I'm not that stupid. Are you?

-- a series of Republican leaders who also took aim at Democrats and the government bailout of Detroit-based GM, New York-based American International Group Inc. and other companies.

A bailout which was planned and put into place by George Bush and his party before he left office and now--suddenly--it's President Obama's fault. What have these people been smoking? It's not pot because they would be a little more relaxed if that were the case. (I think the Republican Party should smoke more pot personally. I think they would benefit greatly from it.)

Look...President Obama is not going to perform miracles. No one can get our country out of it's mess in a mere matter of months...not even in 2 presidential terms. I feel much more secure with him in office, though. He's a man of his own intelligence, not a puppet for the party--a party that would rather send all it's focal points to matters that are personal such as who people choose to marry, or who has a right to die and who doesn't, or what god we should be following.

Democrats aren't without their faults, either. I wish we could wipe out the two-party system and start working within a system that really represents the people that are out here working, living, and dying every day. Wouldn't that be nice? Utopia is a long way off, though. Until then, we'd better find a way to work things out instead of playing the blame game or we're all screwed and it won't matter which party you side with.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Martin Luther King Jr., here is your dream; his name is Barack Obama.

To the millions of slaves that were once owned in this is your legacy: his name is Barack Obama.

To my great great grandfather, a member of the KKK: Start spinnin'!!!!

We win. In so many more ways than one...we win!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Double-Edged Sword

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed by the Vice-Presidential debate this week. I think it was a little over-hyped, for one thing. How many more red-neck homilies could Sarah Palin squeeze in? I was mostly disappointed by Joe Biden because he didn't do his job. Why didn't he do his job?

Well, the GOP base has brought up the issue of gender: Questions are being asked that would never be asked of a man; issues are being brought up that would never be brought up with a man; if Joe Biden goes into attack mode--which is primarily what the VP candidate does--he will be attacking Palin as a woman. Huh? You've got to be kidding me?

Here's the thing: Sarah Palin wants to paint herself as a feminist. Now, I don't have a problem with feminism in general, but there does seem to be a certain hypocrisy that goes along with it, just like every other POV platform that people may choose to stand on. (ie, hearing people say, "I'm a vegetarian because I think it's cruel to kill animals," while they're standing on their platform with nice leather Nikes wearing a leather belt to hold up their pants.) The feminist platform demands equal treatment, but they only want the good side of the equal treatment such as equal pay, equal position, equal opportunity, etc. When it comes to the bad side of equal treatment, they play the damsel in distress being attacked as a woman. Men attack. That's what they do. It's in their genetics. It's in that Y chromosome. They hunt, they attack, they kill. Whether they're doing it with their fists, weapons, or words, that's what men do. Offensively or defensively, that's what they do.

So, if Joe Biden had done his job as the VP candidate, if he had done his job the way that he would have done for any other male VP candidate, he would have been condemned immediately for attacking Sarah Palin, the woman. So, here's the "feminist" getting special treatment, not equal.

Now, we'll wander a little in this vein.......

Over the time of centuries, the role of man has changed. The role of woman has essentially stayed the same, but with a few added options. We no longer need them to hunt and kill for us; we can just go to the grocery store. We no longer need them to provide a home for us; we can just buy or rent one ourselves. We no longer need them to defend our honor or virtue; we take our honor and virtue into our own hands and those that have anything to say about it be damned. We continue to be the care-givers and nurturers, but are also providers, protectors, and defenders of the faith. Men get to pursue their more aggressive aspects in sports, weekend warrior play, sharpening their verbal skills into weapons of mass destruction. Hell, we barely need them to provide babies anymore! None of us stand on equal ground. To stand on equal ground we would be working together and we're still for the most part pushing against each other. We've forgotten to need each other.

That's not to say that there aren't pockets of equality, but I'm talking about an overall picture, a whole world view, if you will. There have been societies throughout the centuries, that have been able to achieve the kind of equality I speak of, but we have destroyed them (ie, the Algonquian Indian nations, the Celtic race). We live contradictory lives.

We're feminists, almost-feminists, strong independent females and yet our blood races and our hearts flutter while reading historical fiction novels over the hero that's always grimed with sweat, blood and dirt and waving a broadsword around. We swoon over these characters in the movies that take place 200 or more years ago. The best ones are the heroes that are grimed with sweat and blood, but come home from the battle and speak from the heart with the words of a poet. Sigh. We still want the bad boy. We're confused.

I've rambled far from the debate. I'm dissatisfied. An essential piece of the intricate puzzle that is our lives is missing. We all speak with forked tongues; our words say one things and our deeds do another. Hypocrisy rules. I wish we could just strip down to the basics, look at the common things that we all need, and work together to achieve those goals and leave all the other junk behind.
There are too many cooks in the kitchen.

So good luck deciphering where I'm going in this odd little ramble. I think I may have gone too long without letting some thoughts out of my head. The ragweed may have me slightly befuddled right now. This is, after all, the world according to a Gemini and we are by definition kind of all over the place:)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Guy-friends I just finished watching When Harry Met Sally...
for the millionth time, and it got me thinking. Are they right? Can women and men never be friends?

Can you think of any men that you're just friends with? Or guys, girls that you're just friends with? Gay friends, for obvious reasons, don't count.

I had a lot of guy-friends in high school and college. I had more guy friends than girlfriends. I started thinking, "Did they all want to have sex with me?" Yes, I knew a few of them did want to have sex with me, and yes...I did have sex with one of them, but that involved a lot of Jamaican rum and we remained friends - for a while. That's a different story.

I don't have any guy-friends now. I have acquaintances, but not friends. Not a guy that I could call in the middle of the night if I needed a guy shoulder to cry on. So it made me start wondering: have I moved past the point where my age and attractiveness - or lack thereof - have made it not worth the time for a guy to bother being friends with me? Do men only want to be friends with someone they're ultimately attracted to? Or do they want to be friends with you, but are afraid to be friends because of the underlying "sex" thing? ya'll (we are in TX) have friends that are the opposite sex, that are not gay, that are just friends?